Basic update blah.

2009-09-10 21:43:17 by The-Adrian

Well, as you may have guessed, I left for a while. The only thing I have faved in the last month is Dadgame.

Well, school started, and it took at least two weeks for my song to be approved, I don't know why. I have been working on a new heavy metal one again. I am gonna try harder. Even though it sucked, it scores a four. The next one I am working on a new one which is, in fact a lot better.

So, yeah. I'm not that new anymore and I don't know why I kept that post up so long. Is that normal?

Alright, I thought this was pretty funny. I searched a video on youtube, and right after that was over, it took me right to this one.

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If it lags too much, try refreshing the page a couple times, it worked for me.



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2009-09-22 13:32:51

awesome cant wait for your new songs! allso dslash left :(

The-Adrian responds:

WHAT? Dslash left!?!?!?